Current Favorites

This mix doesn’t really have any sensible order. Just lots of my favorite music by lots of my favorite bands. Anyone ever heard of Within Temptation? I HIGHLY recommend them!! I can’t list all their songs on my playlist, because I play ALL of them, but I’ll list their current US single. 🙂

1. What Have You Done, Within Temptation

2. Into the Night, Chad Kroeger/Santana

3. All Around Me, Flyleaf

4. Fully Alive, Flyleaf

5. Supermassive Black Hold, Muse

6. Breathe Into Me, Red

7. Pieces, Red

8. Whispers in the Dark, Skillet

9. Nemo, Nightwish

10. Lithium, Evanescence

11. The Way I Am, Ingrid Michaelson

12. Dream, Priscilla Ahn

From Shallyse of West Jordan, UT

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