Top Five Tips for Debate Watchers

  1. Think Ahead-Before the debate, ask yourself which issues are most important to you, and jot down what you’d like to learn from each of the candidates.
  2. Are They Answering the Question? Pay attention to how the candidates answer the questions.Are they specific? Sincere? Knowledgeable?
  3. Keep Track of Topics-Are the candidates being asked about your priority issues? Are the questions fair and pertinent?
  4. Talk it out! –Afterwards, talk about the debate with your friends & family. Did the debate sway your decision? Did you learn something new about the candidates’ positions?
  5. VOTE on November 4th.It is your best opportunity to make your voice heard and help shape the issues that affect all of us! VISIT to prepare yourself.

**Find much more on our “Debates 101” page; including fun tips for hosting debate-watching parties, all at**

“Debates are the final chance for candidates to rise above the clamor of attack ads, endless punditry and analysis, and engage in thoughtful debate about the competing challenges of reforming our education, healthcare, and environmental protection systems, strengthening our economy, and determining our place in the world,” Wilson concluded. “They are also the best opportunity for voters to see, first-hand, how each candidate responds to the tough issues facing the next tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”


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