Baby Blues Cure

I created this playlist before I had my first baby. I’d heard about postpardum depression and I wanted to make sure I had happy things around me- just in case. It worked well and I used the same mix after my second child.

1. The Beginner, Miranda Lee Richards

2. Lo Boob Oscillator, Stereolab

3. Baby I Love You, Aretha Franklin

4. Three is a Magic Number, Blind Melon

5. Where I Go, Natalie Merchant

6. Every Little Counts, New Order

7. Everything’s Not Lost, Coldplay

8. Don’t Fence Me In, David Bryne

9. Somewhere There’s a Someone, Dean Martin

10. There Goes the Fear, Doves

11. When It All Blows Over, Echo & the Bunnymen

12. I Wish That I Knew, Faces

From Emily Millard of Salt Lake City, UT

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