Renowned Speaker and Play Activist Jenny Ward has brought the joy of life all over the globe. She received her MFA from New York University, is a licensed Life Coach and Author of three books. She is the CEO of, and a proud mother of Leela, her greatest teacher on play.

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Joy is Free

My two year old daughter is a master at play. I sit in awe of how easeful life is for her, not because she is a kid but because she has not been “taught” that life is hard an all about attaining things. When she wants to become a pirate she imagines her bright blue pirate ship with polka dots around her. There is no need for me to run to the nearest toy store to buy one; she already has it in her minds eye. When she wants to bake a cake she carries her pretend bowl to me to break her imaginary eggs into.

I am not really interested in why or when we lose this any more. I am more interested in bringing it BACK for all ages, because JOY and imagination are FREE.
They do not cost a thing, and are an innate part of or souls wanting to come out and play. No right or wrong way to make a pirate ship or cake just your own unique creation.
As “grown ups” we get caught up in the belief that our children and us need things to be happy. We want to go on vacations, yet our backyards or homes can become whatever the imagination creates. We want the best toys, gadgets, jobs, cars, homes, yet the simplest of things are what always feel so natural and good: like a hug, a moment where you see your first or 100th rainbow, or snuggle time before bed. These are all free, and create more joy then any object we can attain.

I am a believer that it is time to come back to the simpler things in life. When instead of wishing our kids would play more, that as parents we demonstrate play. We allow our own imaginations to come out and show us how FUN life can be. Our children are craving the presence of joy, and may find it with new toys and games but when it comes down to it, ALL of us find it when we open up our hearts, let our to do lists go and just BE with one another.



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