Gabby Reece

Talk about big dreams! Sports icon, model, mother – there doesn’t seem to be much that Gabby Reece hasn’t tackled. See what motivates this inspiring Mama in our latest Dream Big profile.

Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Reece

City / State
Writing from Malibu California

What was your big dream?
As a kid growing up I never had a “big dream.” I just knew I wanted to find a way to be independent and make a nice life for myself.

How did you accomplish it?
When I got older and started playing sports in 11nth grade then I had a dream to play volleyball in college.

Where did you find inspiration to get started?
I was inspired by how being disciplined and a part of a team made me feel. I knew the difference of what it felt like before, and I really loved the way it made me feel about myself and my life.

What motivated you to keep going?
I accomplished that with a lot of hard work, wonderful support and coaches around me, and a God given feature of being 6’3″.

What’s your next Big Dream?
There are personal Big Dreams and work Big Dreams. Personally I would like to raise 3 healthy girls who find something they love to do in their life, and to continue to be in a happy and healthy marriage. I dream that my husband and I can both grow separately as individuals, and then keep crossing over one another as a family.

Work wise I really want to be the ultimate portal on line and on TV for people to go to for all their health, fitness, and real life solutions to getting it all done. Women especially are wearing so many different hats (professional, wife, Mom, taxi driver, peace maker, sex pot, cleaning lady, librarian, general, etc.) and I want to create the Honey Line where we an all come and exchange real tools to help us manage it all.

When you were 5 what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was 5 I wanted to be a cashier (I really had a strange obsessions with hitting buttons) or ballerina (a little too tall for that, crushing).

What about when you were 15?
At 15 I had no idea what I wanted to be I just wanted to get out on my own.

Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Now when I grow up I want to be like my 4 year old daughter who finds fun in EVERYTHING AND EVERY PLACE. I tell you what, kids have the secret. Granted they don’t have much else to do, but they are still great teachers nonetheless.

What book is on your night stand?
From Me to We, and Die Poor are the two books I’m reading simultaneously

What’s your Guilty Pleasure? (Grey’s Anatomy, Peppermint Mocha Lattes)
TV and chocolate.

What song moves you?
Umi Says by Mos Def

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