Emily Falconbridge is a free spirited creative soul who has been working as a writer and designer in the scrapbook industry for years. Her love for photographs and creating began when she was very young and she loves to used mixed media in her scrapbooks and play around with new techniques. She is mama to 3 and you can catch up with her here.

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Summer Fun With Scraps

I have an illness. It’s a horrible, genetic disorder passed down from my mother’s side of the family…I know many of you suffer from this illness too. It’s called ‘I-can’t-throw-anything-away’ disease, and it has struck my household twofold with my daughter also inheriting it. Symptoms strike the most while in our crafting room. Drawers, baskets and, um, tabletops and floor become covered and filled with little scraps, ‘important’ bits and pieces from our days, leftover cards, wrapping paper…you’re with me right?

So spring cleaning has been and gone (whoops), and it’s time to de-clutter. I have two perfect summery solutions for you and your scraps, projects that are perfect not only for you, but for your children to make alongside!

With summer parties on the horizon and ‘snail mail’ a dying art – whip up a cute batch of invitations for your next ‘do’ to impress one and all! Or be prepared for the coming months/birthdays/holidays by cranking out cards or invites during these yummy long summer nights. I bought some inexpensive library card pockets from a school supply store to use as a unique and fun party invitation.

Here’s how:

You will need:

  1. Library Card pockets
  2. Scrap cardstock
  3. Scrap patterned paper
  4. Paper/silk flowers
  5. Chipboard letters/stickers
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Stickers, stamps for decorating

What to do:

  1. Pulling patterned paper from your scrap-stash, trim rectangles to ‘wrap’ around the front of the library card pocket as a decorative element (you could also paint the fronts of the cards instead of wrapping with paper. Adhere to the front, tuck edges around the back with double-sided tape or glue.
  2. Trim scrap pieces of cardstock in the same size as the pocket, so they can tuck inside and hold invitation details (you could print details on your computer to adhere to the card).
  3. Fold paper flower over the top of the cardstock piece and add chipboard letter/element (I personalized the invitations with the guests initial) and sew in place with sewing machine.
  4. Decorate the front of each pocket with a sticker, word etc, and slip cardstock piece into each pocket.

My absolute favorite thing to do with all my scraps is create ‘messy journals’ – these make fantastic gifts for friends, or a perfect little companion on a road trip or summer vacation to record all those special things you do along the way. Let each of your children pick out papers, envelopes, junk mail etc that catches their eye and make a journal of their very own to keep all their summer happening and secrets tucked inside!

Here’s how:

You will need:

  • A big ol’ pile of different size scrap papers, envelopes, tags, postcards, notebook papers, junk mail, children’s artwork, paper bags, handmade papers, etc etc. Anything goes!
  • Sewing machine loaded with a denim needle and thread (I use regular thread)
  • Elastic lace (or big rubber band)
  • Small file folder (can substitute cardstock)

What to do:

1. Open out the file folder (this will be your cover) and begin to layer papers over the top. You can either score each piece down the middle and alighn with the spine of the file folder, or simply layer it all on top of one another and fold in half at the end. You should be able to stitch through about 15-20 pieces, depending on the thickness of each one.

2. Holding it steady (so as not to move everything!) stitch down the middle with your sewing machine. You may want to do this twice.

3. Fold the journal in half, pressing down firmly to create a strong crease.

4. Cut a length of elastic lace to fit snugly around the journal, and stitch ends together. Adorn with a leaf/flower etc and use as a band to hold the journal closed.

Wishing you lots of summery, scrappy goodness!

Emily 🙂


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