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Harmony Remote by Logitech

Yes, it is remotely possible…

How many remotes do you have in your living room? How many do you actually know how to use? Do you need to ask for help when turning on the television? Have you given up on the DVD player? Let me ask you something: how much money have you spent to be this confused?

If I told you that one remote could be used to control up to 15 different electronic devices, you would think that it would be way too complicated for you to deal with, right? Are you so fatigued by the nonsense of all your remotes that you don’t even care anymore? Let me bring you back from the brink.

This remote is almost too good to be true: it has buttons like “Play TV” and “Listen to Music” and when you push them, it coordinates all of the necessary elements (cable box, surround sound, receiver, oh, and the TV) to activate accordingly. How on earth do it know!? Because when you get the remote, you tell it all about your devices by entering their model numbers into your computer through a series of prompts. Come on! You have already utilized much more complex projects on your computer — online billpay, burning a CD, Match.com. It takes about half an hour. You can do it with your children – they can be the ones to inspect the TV/Cable Box/DVD Player and tell you the model numbers. And then, your remotes can become toys for your toddlers. (Truth be told: my husband programmed it. If it’s too much for you, hire someone: for that person, it’s a snap.)

Because the latest model works with both Infrared and radio frequency signals, you don’t need direct line of sight to all of your components. In English: you can hide all of the ugly equipment (cables/wires included) in a cabinet and your remote will still work. And even better, you don’t have to switch out batteries because you set the remote on a charging station when it’s not in use.

Please note that Logitech, the maker of the Harmony Remote, doesn’t even know that I exist. I do not get a kickback, get paid, get acknowledged by the company. My mission is to do the research for you and report my findings. To make your life easier, more enjoyable, more efficient.


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