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Boo Boo

My two year old daughter fell today while attempting to climb the monkey bars. The first thing she did was sit down and kiss her boo boo to make it feel better which struck me in profound ways.

Usually when I “fall” or make a “mistake” I begin to judge myself, or think about how I could have done it better or call 10 other people to hear what they think I should do to console my own self.

Her kissing her own boo boo blew me away. When did I learn that I cannot make myself feel better? When did I learn to run away from the pain, or hide, numb and rely on others to aid in my healing?
My daughter continues to be my greatest reminder of who I truly am. My divorce from her father has reminded me how important it is to know how to be self loving and self sufficient. To take care of the boo boos inside so I can be as present and full of love for my daughter. To heal from my own pain, so I do not pass the inheritance of that on to my child. More importantly to know that know matter how hard I fall down, I will always have myself to kiss the boo boo and make it better.

Why do we immediately take away from ourselves? Looking back on my relationship to her dad I see how little I allowed myself to be me. Instead of making myself feel better I spent all of my energy and time trying to get him to feel better about life and himself. I distracted myself out of fear of having to really go within. The moment my daughter was born she began a new life within me. Boo boo’s and all, I am free and so are you. Free to go within first and see how you can heal and take care of yourself in all situations. Free to listen to the voice that is within us all, that so desperately wants to be acknowledged and let out to play.

Free to climb up the monkey bars without fear- for we will always have our own backs.

Now that is a cool



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