Emily Falconbridge is a free spirited creative soul who has been working as a writer and designer in the scrapbook industry for years. Her love for photographs and creating began when she was very young and she loves to used mixed media in her scrapbooks and play around with new techniques. She is mama to 3 and you can catch up with her here.

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Hand-Made Mother’s Day

If there was ever a holiday to make something with your own two hands, it’s Mother’s Day! Remember keeping that macaroni necklace and glitter-laden card a top secret as you squished it into your backpack and headed home on the friday before mother’s day? I still have that bursting-with-pride-oh-I-hope-they-like-it feeling as I give a handmade gift! This year I’m giving my mother several framed pictures of my daughters and I, along with a little mini-book she can keep close-by with special pictures and space for her to write her memories in.

A handmade card is just what every mother wishes for…and if your husband is anything like mine you will need to be whipping up two cards this Mothers day! Of course get the children involved and have a sweet little bundle of love-cards to mail, or a joint effort in one special card. Set up some supplies on the kitchen table (why not bust out the macaroni and glitter?!!), and work together to make something sweet for their grandmothers.

I whipped up two simple cards from one sheet of cardstock for my mother and mother-in-law (yes, my husband owes me!) this year. Here’s how:

‘We love you’ card

  • Trim 12×12 sheet of cardstock into a 12×5 strip.
  • Mark the middle of the strip and fold one side slightly past that middle point.
  • Fold the other side around to the front.
  • Sew a piece of lace or ribbon the to edge of that fold.
  • Apply rub-ons or letter stickers to a chipboard shape and adhere to the card.

‘Butterfly’ card

  • Use the remaining cardstock and glue to cover the front of a mini-file folder (or cut pink cardstock into file folder shape).
  • Sand edges of patterned paper.
  • Use a cup or other round object to trace a circle in the middle with pen.
  • Go around the circle again freehand to create a second, wonky line.
  • Paint the inside of the circle with watercolor paints.
  • Once dry, apply rub-on or stamp to the centre.

Back to the whole ‘memories’ thing…(you know, that thing i waffle on about month after month!)…Mother’s day is not only a time to be pampered (let’s hope so, anyway!), but a nice time to reflect on your own journey into motherhood. I felt it was a great time of year to create a little ‘motherhood journal’ with pictures and my feelings on being a mother, and special messages for my children. My babies remind me so much of little baby birds – wide mouthed and dependant – that when I found this chipboard bird book, i knew it was perfect for the job! (there are many bird related products available in the art and scrapbook work, try searching online or check out http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/shop/)

Using an assortment of readily available items from around the house and my studio – I prepared the pages with paint, tissue paper, stamps and paper towel (glued onto the cover and then painted), ready to stick in photos and write away to my hearts content. To unify the look of the pictures on the bird shaped pages, I used sandpaper to rough up the edges – I love how fast it came together! This journal can be kept by my bedside and filled with loving thoughts as they occur…or maybe serve me as a reminder of how blessed I am when i am having ‘one of those days’!

Bird Album Supply List

Wishing you a wonderful mother’s day full of love, cuddles and handmade delights!
Emily 🙂

(bird album cover originally shown in Creating Keepsakes April Issue)


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