Nuts & Bolts: Donate to a Candidate

By Maura Carabello

I wanted to send my grandma a quick hello message… but then I decided that I should find the perfect card, and probably throw in a little spring treat if I’m going to bother mailing it…needless to say it’s now on my should-do list. Many things on this list have common ground in a good idea that I’ve decided somewhere along the way wasn’t quite enough. So now they sit waiting for me to do more… for which I never have time.

Well, I have something this month we can all do. Don’t beef it up, don’t give more, and don’t go any extra miles… This month give $20 to a candidate you like. This could be local or national. You don’t need to give more, just make sure you give in the next 14 days. If everyone would just give a little, most campaigns would not need to rely so much on special interest groups for money. I’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns and the $20 checks are just fine, the participation is what will matter… and early money is always the best, so you will be appreciated.

Many campaigns take credit cards, and have good on-line services. So Google – grab your credit card – and let’s do it.

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