Renowned Speaker and Play Activist Jenny Ward has brought the joy of life all over the globe. She received her MFA from New York University, is a licensed Life Coach and Author of three books. She is the CEO of, and a proud mother of Leela, her greatest teacher on play.

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Life is not Hard…Finding the Ease in Life

I was so excited to go to my first roller skating party. I had the coolest jeans on, my hair in pig tails and ready to eat lots of ice cream. Being a kid was full of new experiences and lots of freedom. When my dad picked me up from the party he said “You better enjoy it now kid, because once you are 18, its time to be responsible”

Yikes! There I was 13 dreading the countdown to boredom. I looked around and observed most adults in my life, from parents to teachers not really enjoying life. It was always presented as something HARD to “get through.”

I did hit 18 eventually, and realized that life did not have to be living for the weekends. Instead of believing this idea I made it my “job” to enjoy each nook and cranny that life had to offer, and I am grateful I chose this path.

We are not here to struggle, living for Fridays and work harder. We are taught that “success comes with a price” but what price are we paying? More and more I notice burn out, stress, anxiety, separation and self neglect. This is NOT who we are, yet we are told that it is all work and then you can “retire.”

Is life meant to be hard, or can we begin to discover the simple joys it has to offer on a daily basis. Can we allow ourselves to laugh at things that usually drive us crazy? Can we begin to be ourselves in ALL areas of our lives, instead of compartmentalize and think that “people will not like us?”

As moms can we learn from our children how to let loose and have fun and not care what others will think? These qualities may seem simple and trite at first, but they continue to LEAD us down a path that supports health, vital relationships and overall ease.

Here are some cool ways to lighten up and create EASE in your day to day lives:

  1. Remove the word “should” from your vocabulary for one day and notice what you do out of obligation not JOY.
  2. Notice how you extend your energy. What friends take away your energy and what GIVES you energy.
  3. Laugh at your self.
  4. Throw away the scale.
  5. Preventative PLAY is being grateful for what you have NOW- not when something “bad” happens.
  6. Remember you are enough. You do not need to lose 10 pounds, be the best at work, or be the best mom in order to LOVED.
  7. Love of self- starts within.

Remember that life is hard only if you choose it to be. Stuff happens but it is our reaction to it that creates more of a playground.

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