Energy Burn Kids Mix

Here are a few songs that help my boys burn off some energy. I turn on these songs and they dance their little hearts out!

1. Shake Your Body, The Backyardigans

2. Rad Moves, The Backyardigans

3. Yeti Stomps, The Backyardigans

4. A Pirate Says Argh, The Backyardigans

5. Rescue Pack Remix, Go Diego Go

6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme, They Might Be Giants

7. Get On The Bus, The Doodlebops

8. Witch Doctor, Alvin and the Chipmunks

9. Let’s Shake, Dan Zanes

10. Catch That Train, Dan Zanes

11. I Don’t Dance, High School Musical

12. Bet On It, High School Musical

From Stephanie of Provo, UT

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