April Featured Blogs: The Doctor Weighs In & The Healthcare Blog

This month the MamaVote project brings you resources on Health Care, a topic that is top of mind for most families. Health Care costs can be unexpected and expensive so we’ve selected two blogs to share that will keep you up to speed on health-related news and developments in America.

The Doctor Weighs In

The blog The Doctor Weighs In features daily posts from the contributing “TDWI” Doctors along with a running link list of news stories related to “fat, fitness, health and longevity from a medical point of view.”

The Health Care Blog

If you’ve ever dug through your medical bills and marveled and the convoluted nature of medicine and insurance then this is the spot for you. The Health Care Blog bills itself as “Everything you always wanted to know about the Health Care system. But were afraid to ask.” Take a peek at articles from contributing authors as they share their perspective as industry insiders. Be sure and check out the section devoted specifically to the 2008 Election.


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