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Trace is our favorite Celebrity Apprentice Mix

The TodaysMama staff loved Trace Adkins long he became everyone’s favorite Celebrity Apprentice and even though he lost the final challenge to Piers Morgan we thought we’d share a PlayMix of our favorite songs from Trace. Guaranteed to melt your heart and make you swoon.

1. I Can Only Love You Like a Man, Trace Adkins

2. The Rest of Mine, Trace Adkins

3. More, Trace Adkins

4. Someday, Trace Adkins

5. Thankful Man, Trace Adkins

6. Chrome, Trace Adkins

7. Give Me You, Trace Adkins

8. One Of Those Nights, Trace Adkins

9. Hot Mama, Trace Adkins

10. Rough & Ready, Trace Adkins

11. Find Me a Preacher, Trace Adkins

12. Songs About Me, Trace Adkins


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