Greeting was started in August 2007 after being bored and frustrated with traditional greeting cards. We wanted to offer something different yet simple, so we combined greeting cards with cookies, and who doesn’t like cookies? We are a family owned business in Glendale, Arizona. After being in corporate sales for 22 years, I have enjoyed starting my own business with my daughter, Lisa. My son, Christopher and my wife of 31 years, Bonnie, have done nothing but support us in our new and exciting venture. My beautiful 1 ½ year old granddaughter, Braelyn, is our biggest fan!

Our cookies are hand decorated gourmet sugar cookies available in vanilla, cinnamon and lemon flavors depending on the holiday or occasion. They contain 0 grams trans fats and are kosher. Our cookies come in all shapes and sizes and match the holiday or special occasion theme. More cookie options available on our website.


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