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Author: Maura Carabello, Exoro

A couple of days ago I listened to a speech given to the UN by a 13 year old from Canada. It was very compelling, although clearly coached (which always makes me furrow my brow a little).

But I’ve come away from listening to her brief speech compelled by two things that I think could apply to this early stage of the 2008 Presidential election:

  • Good for her for having an agenda, let’s all get one. Pick something specific you care about or mildly interests you. Teacher salaries, clear air/water, troop numbers in Iraq, mass transit, healthcare, ethics, junk food in school vending machines etc.

Google at least one candidate from each party- then look up their position on their website, see who is the closest to you on just this one topic. Maybe look up another in a week or two… bite size we can all handle our agenda.

Sure the candidate ads are all just sound bites, but usually the candidate’s websites have a little more (or if not… that’s an answer in itself).

  • One of her great lines was:
    “I’m only a child and I don’t have all the solutions, but I want you to realize neither do you… If you don’t know how to fix it please stop breaking it.”

For the next month think about our next president and all the lines from the candidates in this framework…

What do I want fix?

What do I think is broken?

Who do I believe will FIX something?

Finally a New Years exercise resolution I may be able to keep. Two exercises you can do fast and easy in January 2008 to get you into the race for President.

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