TodaysMama Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Little Bits: Balitono Painting Kits
Need a little something for the artist on your list? This Balitono Painting Kit from Little Bits will be a hit with kids of all ages (and by all ages, we mean, we want one). This kit includes a solid hand carved wood lion (no lead!), acrylic paints, paintbrush guide and string, just in case you want to turn your artists work into an ornament for next year. $8, also available; shark, rooster and brachiosaurus versions. Visit Little Bits Shop Online Page.

Greeting Cookie: Christmas Tree Cookie Card
A sweet treat is one size fits all and the Christmas Tree cookie from Greeting Cookie will make a great unexpected surprise in their stocking – especially when they realize that their cookie comes to them complete with a holiday greeting (written by you). These delicious cookies are vanilla sugar cookies with beautifully decorated icing – you can even get a Santa version. $5.99 each. Visit Greeting Cookie’s Shop Online Page.

Straplettes: Oval Rhinestone Straplette
If you have a new nursing mom on your list this year pop this in her stocking. Straplettes are an easy way keep track of your nursing pattern and they come in a variety of fabrics with a variety of charm options. This is just the thing for the new mom that’s living in her track pants, hair in a ponytail wondering if she’ll ever feel beautiful again! $8.00 each. Visit the Straplettes Shop Online Page.

Dr. Moo’s
The tradition in the TodaysMama household is to fill stockings with the grooming and health necessities for the upcoming year – toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion and yes, even vitamins. Kids will love Dr. Moo’s grape flavored fast melts and you’ll love that they’re getting their calcium even if they think there are only two food groups – meat and sugar. Visit Dr. Moo’s Shop Online Page.

Mommy’s Little Monkey: Nursing Curtain
Another pick for the nursing mom – the Nursing Curtain from Mommy’s Little Monkey will be a welcome gift for that new mom that thought a blanket would do the trick when nursing…little did she know that kiddo would be able to tug off a blanket in no time! And who says you can’t give the gift of privacy? $45.00 lined, $33.00 unlined. Visit Mommy’s Little Monkey Shop Online Page.

Kangaroodle: Felt Stockings
What would a stocking stuff gift guide be without a STOCKING! Bright colors and rik-rak are sure to make these stockings an attention getter this holiday season. The felt stockings by Kristal Davis available from Kangaroodle come in six different styles, including 3 initial versions to customize for your recipients. With stockings like these…who needs a tree? $15.00-18.00 each. Visit Kangaroodle’s Shop Online Page.

Funky Frum: 60’s Flower Headwrap
We all have one – the girl on our list that always looks impeccable. These are the women that can master any new trend or accessory on the first try. Now Funky Frum is offering a headwrap for the rest of us – this handy flower headwrap has an elastic bottom that wraps around the back of the neck ensuring that ANYONE can look fabulous in this little number. $15.00. Visit Funky Frum’s Shop Online Page.

BusyNest Cards: Mom Calling Cards
Wrapping a gift for yourself and putting it under the tree might make your family wonder, but sneaking a goodie for yourself into your stocking is fair game. Treat yourself to a batch of Mom Calling Cards from Busynest Cards – no more searching for a pen and a receipt that doesn’t have your credit card number on it when you bump into an old friend at the store and want to reconnect, no siree…you’ll simply whip our one of your Mom Calling Cards and call it a day. $55.00 for 100 cards. Visit Busynest Cards Shop Online Page.

Skimbaco: Personalized Caps
Maybe it’s our penchant for nicknames around here, but really, who doesn’t love personalized stuff? These Blume Personalized Caps from Skimbaco may be the most fun personalized item we’ve picked this year – you can personalize the name patch and they even come with a rhinestone option. Sure to please tomboys and princesses alike. But if pink isn’t the color for the person on your list, these caps also come in navy and black. $34.00 each. Visit Skimbaco’s Shop Online Page.


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