TodaysMama Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Edition #2

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Madallie: Pedal Cars
No offense, but we think “Power Wheels” are a bit silly, after all, shouldn’t the goal for kids be more activity? We love this pedal car for its touch of retro whimsy – imagine the games that a kid’s imagination can conjure with a muse like this. The Pedal Cars from Madallie are also available in Pink and a Police version. “Cops and Robbers” was never so stylish. $205.95. Visit Madallie’s Shop Online Page.

Mom4Life: Monkey Toes Handpainted Mary Janes
Girls and their shoes – the obsession starts early and with options like this available, it’s not hard to see why! These Monkey Toes Handpainted Mary Janes available at are perfect for the little lady in your life. Each pair is uniquely hand-painted and if lady bugs aren’t your thing, check out the full line at Mom4Life, including monkey’s, pink piggies, green frogs, bumble bees and more. $29.00. Visit Mom4Life’s Shop Online Page.

Juvie: Wes & Willey Revolutionary Cap
Got a tween to shop for that just doesn’t strike you as a regular ball cap wearing type of guy? This Wes & Willey Revolutionary Cap from Juvie in khaki canvas it sure to be a hit with him. Fashion-forward, sturdy, plus, it goes with everything…not that it matters. $13.00. Visit Juvie’s Shop Online Page.

Little Bits: Smiley Face Peace Sign Tee
Whether your goal is world peace or simply more peaceful mornings, spreading it has never been so easy with the Smiley Face Peach Sign Tee available from Little Bits. This little number offers a double whammy of joy – a vivid yellow peace sign made up of…you guessed it…smiley faces. Also available in purple, $28.00. Visit Little Bits Shop Online Page.

Skimbaco: Tea Collection Lago Pullover
As a crowd of work from home moms, we know the value of a great hoodie better than most – we also know the value of sturdy clothes for the boys in our homes, so this Tea Collection Lago Pullover available from Skimbaco ranks high on our list of “must haves”. Plus, it comes in “goes with everything” colors…handy when it comes to dressing boys. $42.00. Visit Skimbaco’s Shop Online Page.

Babysakes: Born Free Piggy Bank
The most effective piggy banks are the ones that are too cute to break into. The bright colors and happy face on this one seem to say, “Keep filling me up! Don’t tip me over and empty me quite yet.” The Born Free Piggy Bank available at is the perfect first piggy bank for that new kid in your life – under the tail you’ll find the words, “Born Free, Now I’m Expensive”. Also available in blue and pink, $19.95. Visit Babysakes’s Shop Online Page.

Bublove: Do You Really Want to Burp Me Tee
If you were a child of the 80’s, it is only fitting that your child pay homage to Culture Club’s hit song. Even if you weren’t a fan, the sentiment on this Bublove My Bub Rocks Tee is sure to inspire smiles and maybe even a few flashbacks to your days of diffusing your perm. *shudders* Available in 6 or 12 month sizes, $13.00. Visit Bublove’s Shop Online Page.

Handpicked Pumpkin: Hoodie
Finding unique clothes for your infant can feel a bit like a scavenger hunt – an especially daunting hunt if you have something specific in mind. Unless you create custom clothing at Hand Picked Each item has several customizable options from fabric to trim to pockets and buttons. We like the Button Up Hoodie because it does the job of a jacket AND a hat, plus it can be used all four seasons depending on the climate…and growth spurts. $64.00 – can’t take the pressure? Ready made options are also available. Visit Hand Picked Pumpkin’s Shop Online Page.

Winter’s Eve: Love & Lights
We’ll be honest, here at TodaysMama we have a special fondness for “Eve” the fairy heroine of the All Hallows Eve: The Story of the Halloween Fairy and Christmas Eve: The Joy of Giving. We discovered Lisa Sferlazza Johnson and Tucker Johnson’s books last year and were delighted when they released their latest enchanting tale, Winter’s Eve: Love & Lights. Winter’s Eve offers a charming journey through winter light festivals celebrated annually – including Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the Chinese New Year. You can even hear the whole book read by the author by clicking here. $10.85. Visit Positive Spin Press’s Shop Online Page.


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