Easy Ways to Go Green

Going green doesn’t mean giving up the things we love, the things we depend on, and the things that make our life convenient. Likewise, we need not spend a lot of money to save a few pennies and call ourselves “green.” Whether we make-up with Mother Nature, mow-ercise, tote our own stylish grocery sack, or need an excuse to buy a laptop, these articles list easy ways to go green in your own household.

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On the contrary, is the green movement unrealistic? Hybrid cars, organic food, and even fluorescent light bulbs are all better for the environment but harder on our wallets. Products won’t sell just because they are labeled green. According to a USA Today survey, most people go green when it is convenient for them. Why change the way we live when we can’t see the immediate consequences?

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And, do the above-mentioned “easy” ways to go green really matter? Michael Maniates states that the easy measures won’t cut it. We need a fundamental change in our energy, transportation, and agricultural systems to avoid the worst risks.

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