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Why Buy a Starter House When You Can Rent a Mansion?

One of the easiest ways to listen to all the music you want without any of the hassle of digitizing your CD collection or spending a fortune is to get a subscription to an online site like Rhapsody. Essentially, for ten bucks a month, you can have access to over two million songs. For an additional five bucks a month, you can take your music to go (on an MP3 player—note: this service is NOT iPod compatible). Rhapsody has just about EVERY piece of music you can think of and navigation is a breeze. Even better, there are music aficionados who are also part of Rhapsody who make it a badge of honor that you listen to their playlists: don’t know where to begin with Brazilian Hip Hop? Curious about sitar music? What were the one hit wonders of 1994? Do a search: you’ll be sure that someone has created a playlist for you to stream. There are also 25 commercial free “radio” stations for your listening pleasure. The best part about Rhapsody is the endless music discoveries that you would otherwise never experience because, although you might not buy Christina Aguilera’s latest album, you might take a free listen and discover that “Back to Basics” is a pretty great album.

There’s every genre of music you can think of: and some you’ve never heard of. Go on: listen.

PS: Don’t have speakers hooked up to your computer! Egads. A very simple, inexpensive solution: for about $100 or less, you can get speakers that will transform your computer into a stereo system. You’re going to look at your computer in an entirely new way.


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