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Shades of “Grey” Green

How green is your life? That seems to be the topic du jour. Okay, so your halo may not be completely green (yet), but you can and should be proud of every little effort made. Each and every small change that you make COUNTS. One thing that I know that I’m pretty good at is my role as a “consumer.” In this role, retailers are responding to the needs of the green-minded consumer. This makes those small changes easier for us (the consumers) to make in our everyday lives. Many retailers have already joined the EPA’s Green Power Partnership ( and these retailers are recognized “for helping drive the development of new renewable energy resources for electricity generation…these partners provide an example to their peers, customers and community.”

Here is a list of the Top 10 Retail partners in the Green Power Partnership. “These Partners have the largest completed annual green power purchases of all Partners within this sector.” Let’s take an easy step in the green direction and support them:

  1. Whole Foods Market
  2. Starbucks
  3. Safeway, Inc.
  4. Staples
  5. FedEx Kinkos
  6. HEB Grocery Company
  7. Liz Claiborne, Inc.
  8. prAna
  9. Loew’s Home Centers
  10. Shaw’s Supermarkets

So…let’s lace up our green running shoes and catch up with the rest of the globe. And what am I really suggesting here? What do we tell our children? Leave your playroom, just like you found it…that happens to be our challenge, let’s not leave this Earth a pigsty, your mother will be so proud!



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