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Green Mom Gets Radical…

By becoming Carbon Neutral. Simply put, the temperature of the Earth depends on a balance between energy coming to the Earth from the Sun, and energy bouncing back into space. Greenhouse gases trap heat that would otherwise bounce back into space. This heat is what causes the planet to become warmer…Global Warming.

Okay, so what does that mean for me and how does that have anything to do with Carbon Neutral? Glad that you asked! I am trying (emphasis on trying) to think through my daily activities that contribute to the dangers of Global Warming. Oops, just finished grocery shopping, got home and forgot the milk…instead of hopping back in the car for a milk run…I try and combine my next carbon dioxide/fuel trip with other necessary errands. Squeezing in as many errands as possible. (Oh, how I wish that I lived in a pedestrian city…then I would walk everywhere…REALLY, I would!) I have switched drycleaners so that the new drycleaner is next to the grocery store. (I know these sound like little insignificant things…however, think about this…if each one of you reading this made just a few changes and you told your friends about those few changes and they told two friends…and so on…and so on…sounds like that Herbal Essense commercial, remember?) Think about the effect that those small changes collectively will make.

I have started buying CoolWhip in the plastic container instead of the aerosol cans of whipped cream (that are oh so fun to stick in the kids’ mouths and spray), as there is nitrous oxide in those spray cans. (I even go a step further and after the CoolWhip is finished, I rinse out the container and use it as tupperware for leftovers.)

Okay, here’s a doozie…Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They clean our air and help reduce Global Warming. What if we started to give a planted tree as a birthday gift, anniversay gift, …you get the idea. Pretty cool huh? There are a number of websites that accomplish this planting trees all over the country. (You can also plant a tree in Israel which is cool too.) As an example, Be Green Now ( works like this:

When you buy someone a “Green Gift,” one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States. An average tree will absorb more than 650 pounds of CO2 over its lifetime—that’s equal to the amount produced by driving about 740 miles.

Maybe I will plant a tree today…maybe…



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