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Getting Your Election Groove On…

WeeklyDIVA for TodaysMama

Get your election tools ready…

Of course we’re just at the starting gate when it comes to the 2008 presidential election, but already candidates and their whereabouts and ideas are dominating the news. And with so many news sources, it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of headlines. But it’s also important to stay informed so you can vote smartly.

Election web sites to the rescue

Staying on top of the latest election-related news and going in depth on the candidates may be easier than ever before as many of the major news houses have content-rich web pages devoted to the ’08 elections. You don’t have to read all of them, just pick one or two and then bookmark them for easy reference:

The New York Times offers “The Caucus,” which chronicles daily events while the “Election Guide” profiles the candidates and charts their views on some of the hot issues. You may have to register on the site, but it’s free.

On, take a break from the headlines and read some longer analysis pieces in their 2008 election area. Or check out Slate’s Kausfiles, a very popular, “mostly political” blog.

Fox’s “Update ‘08” stays abreast of the latest election-related headlines and keeps a running roundup of the “Big Six” candidates.

ABC News posts “The Note,” a widely read site on politics and elections that you can have delivered via e-mail each day (click on “emails and alerts” at the bottom of the ABC News home page to register). They also monitor the “Buzz-o-meter” each week so you’ll know who’s hot and who’s not.


MSNBC offers “First Read,” a political blog that’s well organized—you can easily sort for what you are interested in: Romney, Obama, Courts, Congress, etc. It also counts down the days until important milestones—the Iowa Caucus and other primaries, Election Day, and so on.

Other sites of note: The Washington Post‘s “The Fix,” “Campaign ‘08” on the LA Times, Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish” on Check out CNN’s “Election Center,” which profiles states to watch, and The Daily Kos.

On the issues: Healthcare is expected to be a major to be a major topic this election cycle. The Kaiser Foundation is hosting “,” a site where you can find how each candidate votes on various health issues.

Who’s winning?

A great spot to take a pulse on who’s leading the polls is This awesome site collects all the most recent polls for you on topics ranging from candidates and issues to global warming and bridge safety. will tell you where the money is betting. Right now the money is on Hillary Clinton winning the election.


Most importantly, don’t forget to register to vote! The League of Women Voters can help you figure out where and how to do so in your state.


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