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Green Mom Loves Mother Earth…

Does any of this sound familiar? Carbon Footprint…Global Warming…Living Green…maybe you’ve heard these terms tossed about in the carpool line of massive SUVs AC blasted, engines running for the 45 minutes that it takes to pick up your children from school. It’s all good. Here’s the thing, baby steps. I was (and still am) an SUV driving carpool mom, BUT I’ve now turned off the engine while waiting for the children, baby steps.

My 9 year old daughter recently watched An Inconvenient Truth that describes how we have begun to tip the balance in our world. We’ve overloaded the atmosphere with heat-trapping gasses from our cars and factories and power plants. If we don’t start fixing the problem now, we’re in for devastating changes to our environment. We will experience extreme temperatures, rises in sea levels, and storms of unimaginable destructive fury.

Okay…blah, blah, blah you may be thinking. BUT to a 9 year old she heard this: if she does not do something, Disneyworld in Orlando Florida will be under water and she knows that Orlando is not on the coast of Florida. I thought that was a fairly savvy way for her to distill the information and make it meaningful to her world, however shallow it may seem. She gets it! (Baby steps.)

Now my everyday life is full of:

“Mom, you cannot toss that soda can, you HAVE to recycle it!” I now have the Green Police on my tail, baby steps.

There are so many amazing companies that have a GREEN focus that we can use in our stylish daily lives. Kiehls, for example, uses recyclable materials in their packaging and they encourage customers to return their Kiehl’s “empties” to them for recycling. They print labels and materials with soy inks (how cool is that!).

The bottom line is this, each one of us can make a difference. This is a real live problem that requires us to give it our real attention. It does not require us to stop shaving and carry a tambourine and paint peace signs on our cars. A few changes here and there, educating our children, all baby steps that collectively will help ensure that we keep Mother Earth happy and healthy.



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