Five Tips for an Organized Vacation

By: Vickie Hansen, President of

Okay, so you’ve probably seen the movie National Lampoons VACATION. It is where the Griswold family’s cross-country drive to the WallyWorld theme park proves to be much more arduous than they ever anticipated. Chevy Chases cracked me up when they reached the park to find out it was closed, not so funny for the family.

Organizing and planning a vacation can stress you out. I learned a hard lesson on planning a VACATION for our family when I had my first baby twenty five years ago, we planned a trip and went camping. I had everything sitting by the front door and as we hurried and loaded everything to meet the family we were going with, it wasn’t until we got up in the mountains that I found that I thought my husband finished loading items and he thought I finished loading items, that we both forgot to grab my baby’s things, can you believe it? Lesson learned and from then on all these years I have made my list and checked it twice, remembering not to do that ever again. There was a happy ending for her, though we had to go into the closest city and purchase new clothes, diapers, bottles and a few things to get us by.

Here are the first things you need to do when planning and organizing your


Where: First thing is to decide where you are going for VACATION. Have everyone in the family write down a place to go and then put them in a jar and have someone draw the place out or get a map and then look up places on the internet to see if they accommodate the things you want to do or see.

When: Second, decide when you are going and start planning and organizing in advance. This will help you not be so stressed and part of the fun of vacations is really in the planning.

How Long: Third, decide how long your vacation will be for, a weekend, week or even a month. This will help you determine the things you will need to plan on taking and to help lay out your agenda.

Cost: Fourth, by determining how long and where you will be going will determine how much you will need to budget for your vacation. Some things will need to be paid in advanced, such as airfare, amusement park fees and some hotels.

Items to take: Fifth, once you decide where, when, how long you will be gone and your budget you can then determine what you need to take with you. Are you taking all your family, your in-laws or as my husband calls them outlaws, just kidding he loves them and actually we have taken them on vacation with us and we had a blast. Decide if you are you taking pets, your children’s friends? Then you can compile things such as: clothing, passports, makeup, luggage, camping gear, food for meals (if you go camping). Here is worksheet to help you begin organizing your vacation.

Here are a couple of awesome websites to view for ideas for fun VACATIONS!

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