Ready, Get Set, Get Organized

By Vickie Hansen, Founder of

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed because you have so much to get organized? We live in such a fast paced world we find we don’t have enough time in our lives to accomplish getting things done.

I remember taking a phone call a few months ago from a mother from New Jersey; she was stressed out and overwhelmed, I could hear in the background the sound of a piano being played by one of her children and as we talked I began asking questions about her life.

She home schooled her children and felt like she has so much to get done, she talked about the stresses of finances. In our conversation she spoke about not taking time for herself because she was so busy helping everyone else.

I told her was that she was a great mom, as the beautiful sound of the piano in the background played I told her she was teaching her child a wonderful talent. I think I caught her off guard just by telling her that she was a wonderful mom. We don’t hear that very often or feel like that anyone really cares, as long as there are clean clothes, meals prepared and all those things we need to take care of.

To find the balance and order in your life, I developed what I call the 5 Core Life ZonesTM, which are Self, Finance, Family, Home and Work. You can have success in finding peace of mind and gain control of the things most important to you by doing the following:

Identify the things that stressing you out the most. What are the things that are the highest priorities that need to be done?

Set goals in accomplishing getting it done. (Write it down). You can start by identifying one thing in each of the zones or 5 top things you need to focus on.

Set a deadline for each one of the projects. Delegate your projects. Are you the person who needs to really take care of it or is this something you can have your husband or child be responsible for. So many times we feel like we are the ones that need to do it all. We can do it faster, better, but by teaching others how and giving them the responsibility to do things we can actually take those things off our plate.

Have a friend help you and you help them. Break projects into smaller pieces and try not to do them all at once so we won’t become overwhelmed and discouraged.

Make time for yourself….People say they just don’t have time, look at what you are doing in your life that does not allow you to have time to renew yourself. Shut off the phones, shut off your computer, take a bubble bath, read a good book and don’t forget to schedule time for yourself.

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